One-Tank 160 Gallon Water Storage System

One-Tank 160 Gallon Water Storage System
One-Tank 160 Gallon Water Storage System Dimensions
25ft NeverKink Hose

One-Tank 160 Gallon Water Storage System

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One-Tank 160 Gallon Water Storage System



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  • Made and Assembled in USA
  • Large Cap for easy filling
  • Stackable to save space
  • Easy fill height for buckets
  • FDA Food Grade Materials
  • Fits through standard doorways

One-Tank 160 Gallon Water Storage System Includes:

[1] 160 Gallon Large Capacity Water Storage Tank

  • Water lasts longer. Specially blended UV resistant plastic helps protect your water agains bacteria build-up. When mixed with an easy rotation system, WaterPrepared tanks will insure your water will be safe for when you need it most
  • Tanks are stronger. WaterPrepared tanks are made with a rugged high-density polyetheline (HDPE) that is BPA free, FDA/NSF approved, and specifically engineered to handle the pressure of hundreds of gallons of water for decades.
  • Accessing your emergency water is easier. WaterPrepared large capacity tanks are designed with two spigots that connect to a standard garden hose. The front and center “utility valves” offer full flexibily in the use of your emergency water storage systems.
  • Takes less space! WaterPrepared’s unique stackable design gives you the option to stack your tanks or set them side by side. When empty, each tank weighs less than 45 pounds and takes up less space than two generic 55 gallon water drums.
      [1] Biofilm
      • A natural occurring product that would enable us to take care of our stored water without the use of chlorine.
      • Biofilm defender uses the latest technology to keep both copper and silver ions in a suspended form for many years. Both Copper and Silver have anti-microbial properties and attack germs that typically infect our water supply, water storage containers, or water filter media that filter our water.
      • Many times a slimy film called bio-film grows on surfaces that come in contact with water and tends to shelter and protect bacteria and other germs from being being destroyed even with chlorine.
      • BioFilm Defender attacks this bio-film and exposes the germs to the copper and silver to be treated This patented process enable water to be stored longer and with less concern about contamination that ever before.
      • One 2 oz bottle of our H2O ResQ treats up to 330 gallons of tap water (two WaterPrepared tanks).

        [1] 25ft NeverKink Hose

        • This is a drinking water safe hose, perfect for you boat, RV or any other area where drinking water is needed. This is a self straightening hose with a reflex mesh design to prevent kinking. Solid brass octagon female coupling ensures a tight no-leak connection. This is an FDA approved drinking water hose that measures 1/2″ by 25 feet with a limited lifetime warranty. Not for Hot Water Use
        • From the Manufacturer: Apex 7612-25 NeverKink Boat and Camper 2000 1/2-Inch-by-25-Foot Hose is drinking water safe and guaranteed not to kink or tangle.

        reviews & questions
        Reviews & Questions
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