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      When disaster or emergency strikes, you may find yourself in a position where you have to evacuate your area. You never know what kind of emergency can force you out of your home or area. Having an emergency shelter can help protect you from the harsh brunt of the elements when other options are unavailable.   

      Get ready to last 72HOURS or longer with emergency shelter supplies from 72HOURS. We offer durable Mylar Thermal blankets, emergency sleeping bags, and portable tube tents for any emergency or outdoor situation. Our shelter supplies are excellent for any environment, especially in areas with moist, low-temperature climate. Our 72HOURS Mylar Thermal Blankets are designed specifically to reduce heat loss, resist tearing, and is ultra-lightweight for easy transportation.  

      Remember, preparing for an emergency or disaster does not end with food and water. Be sure you have the shelter and sleeping gear necessary to survive in any environment, disaster, or possible condition. Keep yourself, your family, and your friends comfortable and safe during the night with shelter supplies from 72HOURS.