72HRS All Weather Automotive Kit

ITEM: 72AK-003
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72HRS All Weather Automotive Kit what&
3-in-1 shovel and traction mat
6 gauge jumper cable
Automotive triangle with brilliant red reflectors
Automotive excape tool charger with seatbelt cutter and window breaker

72HRS All Weather Automotive Kit

ITEM: 72AK-003
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  • All weather automotive roadside emergency kit
  • This kit is well-equipped with vital survival tools and advanced emergency preparedness items
  • The Backpack itself is compact and has reflective strips both front and back for visibility
  • Emergency food and water have up to 5-year shelf life (delivered within 1-6 months after the manufacturing date)
  • Emergency food and water provided can last 2 people 3 to 5 days during an emergency
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ITEM: 72AK-003

72HRS All Weather Automotive Kit



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  • All Weather Automotive Roadside Emergency Kit
  • Most comprehensive car kit for all kinds of automotive emergencies
  • All items stored in a compact duffle bag
  • Emergency food and water have up to 5-year shelf life (delivered within 1-6 months after the manufacturing date).

    Emergencies can happen anywhere, even on the road. Prepare you and your family for any unexpected automotive or weather-related event with an emergency automotive kit from 72HOURS. Roadside emergencies can range from a simple tire blowout to icy road conditions, which can leave you stranded for minutes or even hours. Even hazardous road conditions such as snow or ice can pose a threat to your safety on the road. No one likes to be stranded on the road during an emergency, but having a 72HOURS automotive emergency kit in your trunk can prepare you and your family to face any weather-related or roadside emergency.

    What’s Included:


    [1] 2400C Datrex Emergency Food Ration 

    • Tested to withstand temperatures from -30°C to 65°C
    • Each vacuum sealed pouch contains 12 individually wrapped bars which contain 200 calories each. 
    • Non-thirst Provoking
    • Up to 5-year shelf life (delivered within 1-6 months after the manufacturing date)
    • US Coast Guard approved


    [6] 125ml 72HOURS Emergency Water Ration

    • The only emergency water on the market that is BURST PROOF!
    • Able to withstand increased external applied pressure.
    • Able to withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycle.
    • Up to 5-year shelf life (delivered within 1-6 months after the manufacturing date).
    • Lightweight and extremely compact.

    Automotive Tools

    [1] Black Aluminum Compact Multi-Purpose Shovel With Ice Scraper

    • 4 adjustable heights
    • 4-piece aluminum construction
    • Comes with nylon drawstring bag and ice scraper
    • Sharp metal edge to loosen ice
    • Polycoated ergonomic handles are electrically insulated for added safety.
    • Exclusive universal jaw design to fit all batteries.
    • Flexible cables for ease of use and tangle-free storage.
    • Durable PVC safety insulation lasts through years of repeated use.
    • Rugged all-weather construction resists water, oil, gas and battery acid.

    [1] Car Traction Mat (Set of 2) 5.5" x 21.5"
    • Made of non-corrosive polypropylene
    • Compact design for easy storage
    • Lightweight & durable for high-impact
    • No Tools or Installation Required - Rugged, Heavy-Duty & Reliable
    • Works in Snow, Ice, Mud, Sand - Universal Vehicle / Tire Compatibility

    [1] Automotive Escape Multi-Tool Charger
    • Ultrabright LED Torch (3 Lighting Modes)
    • Red Emergency Warning Light
    • Seat Belt Cutter.
    • Easy to use Micro Port (DC Input) and USB Port ( DC Output)
    • Portable Power Bank
    [1] Tow Rope- Tows Up to 2600 Lbs
    • Tows Up to 2600 LBS
    • Featuring quick snap-on safety hooks on both sides.
    • Comes with a bag which makes it easy to store and compact.
    [1] Deluxe Auto Emergency Warning Safety Triangle
    • Meets DOT standards
    • Brilliant red reflectors for night and day
    • Easy, one snap set-up
    • Water-resistant and withstands wind gust up to 40mph
    • Orange Nylon with Highly Reflective Yellow Stripe.
    • One Size Fits All.
    • 100 Polyester Mesh Vest with 1" Vertical Stripes.
    • Weight: 5 lbs.
    [1] 12V Portable Air Compressor
    • Easy to check tire pressure
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Includes 3 nozzle adaptors
    [1] 10” Adjustable Wrench
    • Wide jaw capacity that supports larger bolts and nuts.
    • With the length of 10''.
    • easy to adjust.

    [1] Screwdriver with 9pc Screw Cord
    • Durable screwdriver.
    • Soft Rubber Handles for High Torque. 
    • Comes with 9pc of screw cord.
    [1] Oil Siphon pump
    • Use to transfer liquids, remove water, change oil and siphon gas.
    • Easy to transfer any fluid.
    • Intake and discharge transfer system.
    • Can be used as an air pump.
    [1] Luggage Cord
    • High quality.
    • Elastic material provides constant tension.
    • Convenient load binding.
    • Great for Home, Office, Tool Box, Garage, Hobby Etc.
    • Rugged and lightweight rubber handles for comfortable, non-slip grip
    • Retractable blade

    [1] Road Flare

    • 9 Light Modes
    • Water-resistant
    • 500LM
    • Easy attachment to vehicle using hook or magnet


    [1] Wool Blanket (50%), 51" x 80". 2LBS, Gray Color - Ready First Aid™

    • Dimensions of Wool Blanket: 129.54 cm x 203.2 cm
    • 50% Wool, 50% synthetic material
    • Weight: 0.91 kg
    • Colour: Gray

    [1] 72HRS Hooded Rain Poncho

    • Hooded Rain Poncho.
    • Made of Polyethylene.
    • Ultra-Lightweight, compact and reusable.
    • Dimensions: 127.0 cm x 132.1 cm x 203.2 cm (50.0 in. x 52.0 in. x 80 in.)

    Lighting and Communication

        [1] 72HRS Three Wick 36HR Emergency Candles

        • Three wicks allow variable light and heat. 
        • Burns up to 36 hours, 12 hours per wick (total of 3 wicks).
        • The well-sized base provided optimal stability.
        • Strong metal casingPerfect item for camping or emergency preparedness kits

        [40] 72HRS Waterproof Matches

        • A great addition to your emergency survival kit
        • Waterproof.
        • 40 matches/box

        First Aid

        [1] 108 Pcs First Aid Kit

        [36] 3/4'' X 3'' Band-Aids, [30] 3/8'' x 1 1/2'', [2] 4'' x 4'' Gauze Pads, [2] 3'' x 3'' Gauze Pads, [2] 2'' x 2'' Gauze Pads, [1] 2'' Rolled Gauze, [15] Alcohol Pads, [10] Cotton Swabs, [1] Adhesive Tape Roll, [1] Tweezer, [1] First Aid Guide, [1] 5'' x 6'' Cold Pack, [1] Scissors, [3] Tongue Depressor, [1] Plastic Carry Case (7'' x 5 1/2'' x 2 1/2)

        [1] Vinyl Glove (pair) (Included in the 108 Pcs First Aid Kit)

        • Latex-free and powder free
        • Ambidextrous
        • 2 Pieces (1 pair)
        • Exceptional fit with rolled cuff 

        Search and Rescue

        [1] Aluminum Alloy Emergency Whistle

        • Heavy aluminum whistle.
        • Super loud clear tone.
        • Can be used as a key ring
        • Bead-less

        [1] Dust Masks

        • Individually packaged.
        • Prevention for the inhalation of airborne particles.
        • Prevent inhalation of contaminants released into the air.
        • Pleated earloop masks with a filter

        [1] Cotton Fabric Work Gloves

        • Cotton knitted gloves
        • Thick and breathable material
        • Used in construction and masonry work
        • Washable

          [1] 72HRS Roll Duct Tape

          • Rubber adhesive sticks well to a variety of surfaces.
          • Variety of uses – sealing, holding, labelling, temporary repairs requiring durability.
          • Strong and long-lasting.
          • Dimension:5.0 cm x 10 yds (2.0 in. x 10 yds)


          [1] 72HRS Tissue Pack

          • Individually packaged
          • 2-ply
          • Lightweight, compact, and slim
          • Helps maintain sanitary condition 


          [1] 72HRS Duffle Bag

          • Designed for emergencies or every-day use.
          • High carrying capacity.
          • Full-length zippered exterior pocket.
          • High visibility reflective strips on the front and side.
          • Reinforced sturdy carrying handle with Velcro strap.


          • No. of Duffle Bag: 1
          • Total weight: 24.3LBS (11 kg)
          • Dimension of Duffle Bag:
            • Length: 53.0cm
            • Width: 25.0cm
            • Height: 36.0cm

          reviews & questions
          Reviews & Questions
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