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We would like to thank the "Association des lapins du Québec - Quebec Rabbit Association" for mentioning us in their post. The importance of having a pet emergency kit and an evacuation plan can be seen in the article found below:

"We remind you of the importance of preparing an evacuation plan for your rabbits in the eventuality of an emergency! 🚨

It doesn't matter, where you live in Quebec and the type of building, the preparation is to be put, since the goal is to leave the places as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to include these steps in your evacuation or survival plan in the event of a natural disaster. 🇨🇦

Here are some tips that will help you;
A bag already ready with the following articles strongly recommended;
- Antibacterial Cream: suitable for cuts and wounds.
- Cleansing Wipe (without alcohol): cleaning of cuts and scratches.
- Compliant Bandages (VETWRAP 2 in): Ideal for cuts and sores. This self-Adhesive Bandage is suitable for all shapes and sizes of body.
- Cotton Balls And Swabs: for general and versatile use.
- "Critical Care" (Oxbow): don't replace the veterinarian. Ideal for emergency stasis or post-Dental Care.
- Bowl: Silicone Food Quality Folding Bowl for water food and intensive care. Portable to maximize the space in your kit.
- feeding bag: a bag with the granules.
- Disinfecting Wipes for hands: for humans only. To wipe hands and surfaces if necessary.
- Digestive Support Oxbow Natural Science (60 Tablets): Rich Fiber Supplement containing various plant-based ingredients to facilitate digestion, especially in situations of intense stress.
- hay cubes: a portable alternative to the transport of a hay ball to your door.
- Scissors (Antimicrobial)
- Simethicone (30 ml): for the episodes of gas stasis late in the night or for emergency situations that can lead to stress stasis.
- Styptic Powder / Pads: quick solution to stop the bleeding of nails cut too short or any other small wound.
- Sudocrem (60 g): good for painful hocks or irritated skin.
- Syringes (10 ml): Essential for any forced water supply and critical care.
- Urine Towels: during an emergency evacuation, they are perfectly suited to clean the damage and keep your feet dry. Make 85 % Recycled Fiber.
- medicine.
- Bottle of water.
- Towel
- Hot / Cold Cushion, furnace / Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad.
- toy.
- Health Notebook.
(check and replace expired items)

You can get a similar kit on Napoleon Bunnyparte's website (Canadian organization)

- hold this bag with the carrier and a blanket near the cabin of your rabbits.

🏡 if you're not at home?
Notify your neighbors and knowledge of confidence that have a key to your plan.
In order to help the intervention authorities, apply a sticker on all doors of your residence mentioning the number of animals. We also recommend that you have an easily accessible explanatory or booklet document with essential information about your rabbits!

Once outside the security perimeter, you can analyze the situation in order to bring rabbits in a temperate place the time to wait for the events.

* if something was to happen to you? Don't forget to insert emergency cards in your wallet or handbag so that alternative care is organized for your rabbits.

Several services are available to you;
- your veterinary doctors (home service)

- Animal Emergency Service K911 Animal Ambulance-Ambulance Animaux K911

- Animal Emergency Service Sauvetage Animal Rescue

For the list of specialized veterinarians and pension centres, consult the rabbits card in the note section of the Facebook page.

Information from the government of Quebec;

* we are not responsible for the bad use of the content of this emergency kit. This kit does not replace veterinary care. Use at your discretion. * * *

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If you are looking to purchase a Pet Emergency Kit we would highly recommend our Pet First Aid Kit Deluxe that is Veterinarian Approved. Also, if you have a loving rabbit as a pet we would highly recommend liking and following Association des lapins du Québec - Quebec Rabbit Association Facebook Page, and to check out the Emergency Kit that can be found in their article that focuses solely on rabbits.

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